Life List

There are things I want to do in life, but my memory fails me often. I have to write practically everything down. So here is a never complete list of things I hope to will accomplish in my lifetime. Let’s go fulfill some dreams and cross some things off!

  1. Visit every continent (North America, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica)
  2. Travel to China
  3. Visit all 50 states plus D.C. (22 out of 51: Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Washington, Indiana, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Jersey, Hawaii, Wisconsin)
  4. See the Grand Canyon – I know! I have YET to see it!
  5. Hike a 14′ er
  6. Stand at the 4 Corners – New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah
  7. Go on an African safari
  8. Live in another country for an extended period of time (Fall 2009 – Milan, Italy)
  9. Ride an elephant (January 2013 – India while visiting for a friend’s wedding)
  10. Learn another language and actually be able to converse
  11. Get master’s degree
  12. Learn how to make sushi
  13. Move completely out of parent’s house
  14. Live in big city of over a million (August 2010 – Chicago)
  15. Attend a professional football game (November 2012 – Chicago Bears @ Soldier Field)
  16. Attend a professional hockey game (January 2011 – Chicago Blackhawks!)
  17. Get a tattoo (March 2009)
  18. Attend a fashion show
  19. Go skydiving
  20. Ride in a hot air balloon
  21. Own a business
  22. Work for a marketing consulting firm
  23. Get paid to travel
  24. Eat pizza at its birth place: Naples(December 2009)
  25. Put money away for retirement regularly – once a month (Continuous!)
  26. Buy a car with own money
  27. Attend a book reading and then get author’s autograph (June 24, 2010 – Sloane Crosley)
  28. Buy a pair of designer shoes – without feeling too bad about it afterward…
  29. Understand the stock market – well, maybe just the basics!
  30. Run a half marathon (August 14, 2011 – Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon; May 20, 2012 – Rockford Half Marathon; July 22, 2012 – Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon)
  31. Do a backward bend – my childhood flexibility has been lost for some time…
  32. Sing karaoke (Spring 2010)
  33. Attend a professional baseball game (numerous times)
  34. Get a bikini wax (August 2008)
  35. Be a part of the audience at Saturday Night Live
  36. Have/adopt children
  37. Take dance lessons (Summer 2009)
  38. Take yoga classes regularly – at least 1 a week – for an entire year
  39. Make an entire Thanksgiving dinner
  40. Bake an apple pie entirely from scratch (June 26, 2010…YUM!)
  41. Get my own dog – preferably a Rottle
  42. Pet a cheetah, lion, puma, cougar, etc
  43. Attend an Olympic event
  44. Be an extra in a film
  45. Send a message in a bottle
  46. Write a fan letter (Fall 2005 – Julia Stiles…with NO response :()
  47. Be part of a jury
  48. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich (Fall 2009….amazing!)
  49. Be a child’s mentor
  50. Learn to play a musical instrument
  51. Drive from coast to coast
  52. See Jimmy Fallon
  53. Drive on the Autobahn
  54. Dance with a foreigner
  55. Go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef
  56. Learn how to surf
  57. Gamble in Vegas
  58. Kiss the Blarney stone (Summer 2005)
  59. Ski a double-black diamond and NOT die
  60. Attend the running of the bulls in Spain
  61. See the pyramids in Egypt
  62. Visit Machu Picchu
  63. Walk on the Great Wall
  64. Go to Paris (October 2009)
  65. Spin the globe, point to a destination, visit that destination
  66. Dance in the rain (Summer 2009)
  67. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
  68. Fly in the cockpit of an airplane
  69. Shoot a gun
  70. Write an anonymous “love” letter (Spring 2005)
  71. Get CPR certified
  72. Give blood
  73. Go snowboarding
  74. Pay for your car’s and the car-behind-you’s tolls
  75. Learn how to sail
  76. Go to a nude beach…nude
  77. Watch Planet Earth from start to finish (Summer 2010)
  78. Hold a penguin
  79. Save an animal’s life
  80. Get kicked out of a library for being too loud (Fall 2006)
  81. Experience Niagara Falls
  82. Write a book
  83. Meet Chelsea Handler – Vodka consumption would then be mandatory
  84. Contribute to my dad’s goal of repurchasing a Camaro
  85. Go paint-balling
  86. Experience Stone Henge during the summer solstice sunrise

Some of these might take me a long time to actually finish (ALL 50 states?) and some will definitely happen soon – I am sure of it. Stay positive and keep going after whatever your dreams are!

Do you have anything you have always wanted to do?


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