Inconsistent Filters with Barbie.

There are days when I make absolutely no sense. Today will be one of those days. It is a Friday so you should be able to sympathize…or something. Well, I started to write a post about something that has been going on recently back at my old school…but I wasn’t able to publish it. I know my personal opinion on the matter, and I am completely comfortable sharing it with you. I don’t know what it was, but I tend to listen to my gut feeling. Usually, it is right. How can I try and argue with something that is always right? I will just come out feeling defeated. (And by a stomach, no less!)

Then I got to thinking about filters. My filter (or sometimes, lack thereof). Your filter. And Coffee filters. (No relation.)

My filter is completely inconsistent. Sometimes I will just blurt things out without thinking twice (or even once) about it. Sometimes I actually do think a little bit about what I am about to say and am positive that it isn’t going to hurt anyone’s feelings. (“Did you have a learning disability as a child?” – Yeah, I actually said that and have been reminded of it ever since. I’m an idiot.) Sometimes I think a long time about what I am going to say before I decide to spit it out. (For instance, that blog post. In the end, I decided that I didn’t know if I had it in me.)

Although many occasions call for having a filter (like when Michael Scott goes into detail about sex during Jim and Pam’s rehearsal dinner or maybe Michael Scott in general), I think they have the ability to cause people to hide from who they really are. Saying how you feel lets everyone know that this is what they feel at that exact moment. It is real and void of all the bullshit that plagues our society. I am so sick of fake people. Did you hear me, fake people? (In related news, Barbie has a Twitter.)

I don’t know if this is some new trend but recently (and by recently I mean like this past year so not necessarily recently) I have been hearing a lot of  “I wrote you something but I just couldn’t let you read it.” I know I just said the exact same thing to you about that post, but I get so frustrated when I hear this. You mean you took the time out of your life to tell me something which is obviously somewhat important and then decided I wasn’t worthy enough to hear it?! What am I chopped liver? Well, I am not! (And neither are you!)

If I did something wrong, tell me. If I acted inappropriately, tell me. If I did something super awesome, tell me. If you want me to work for you because you know I’ll be an amazing addition to your company, tell me. Or let me tell you why that last sentence would be an amazing idea. Seriously. (And if you decide to tell me, then do it before you break a cardinal rule. That don’t fly with me.)

I feel like I am getting treated like I am a child. Whatever you have, I can handle it. It might take me awhile to fully comprehend and accept it (unless I choose not to), but its better than just not telling me and leaving me in the dark for the rest of my life.

This post doesn’t make any sense. Blah blah. I am not apologizing for it.


Okay, fine. I have convinced myself to tell you. Otherwise, I am just an annoying hypocrite who needs to check out of expressing her opinion on the internet.

Here are my condensed thoughts on what happened: I may disagree with some of what the Catholic Church teaches (and as a result, I don’t call myself Catholic even though that is how I was raised), but I think Dr. Howell should be able to teach whatever he wants that pertains to the subject matter for which he was hired when teaching at a public university. (Long, drawn out sentence anyone?)

If you restrict his teaching materials, then you are opening the door to restrict teachers of many other different subjects. It is called the Freedom of Speech and the University of Illinois needs to go back and read the Constitution. In regards to the hate crime accusation, it is not a hate crime when you are teaching the facts. Should every history professor get fired when they teach what went down during the Holocaust? Psh, I thought not.

Whether or not you agree with the Catholic Churches beliefs on homosexuality doesn’t really matter. What matters is what our country has been trying to uphold for hundreds of years, the freedom “to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Taking away our ability to choose what we want to believe would block us from what college is all about. It is about exposing yourself to new ideas and deciding whether or not that is right you. I will literally go ape shit the day that is taken away from us. Ape shit, I tell you.


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  1. That’s a lot for a Friday!

    Thanks for the nod to my blog post! Appreciated!

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