Let’s Go Back to the Beginning, Shall We?

I decided to start over. I know real life doesn’t allow you to do that but the internet is an entirely different story. In fact, the Internet pretty much lets you do whatever you want these days. You only got to answer to society. Thankfully, starting my blog over should not put TMZ in a tizzy. (Although, if it does….I need to change my career path…)

Anywhozies, I was sitting here, studying for the GMAT (yes, I’m planning on taking it and yes, I’m doing a terrible job studying for it) and thinking…what if each blog post was essentially part of a bigger story? I am not talking about how I write a post where I tell you all my life happenings and you love me unconditionally. I am talking about starting a story (like a weekly podcast) and you would get little snippets on a regular basis. I think I got the idea from Orange is the New Black (great show). That is just something I’m pondering.

I’ll keep you posted how far that gets me…or I guess you’ll just know when you start reading?
TBD, my friends. TBD.


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